Badges Unlimited, LLC offers custom badges at reasonable prices. Their website allows you to choose the type of badge frame, the material and colors, the emblems (we supply many organizations), ways to attach (magnets/pins/pocket protectors) and many ways to pay (credit, debit, check, cash, Paypal).

We ask for payment at the time of ordering and make the badges when payment is received. Shipping is free. Tax is extra if required. Discount of 6% for orders over 6 to one address. We try to ship within two weeks and most times we ship the same week we receive payment.

We recommend viewing thier website to see the detail in full color and quality photos. We have many choices for the many organizations we service from Masonic Lodges, Shrine, Grand Lodges, OES, Q, Elks, Motorcycle clubs, Garden Clubs, Funeral Homes, etc.

They plan to add items as they expand into Laser Engraving. They currently offer a small number of items which are included on the site and have a JDS Industries electronic catalog to use for quality photos. Each item can be personalized at the time of purchase with name of Lodge or club. Some have used these items as fund raisers.

Pricing - Q2017 - Magnet upgrade included, emblems included as well as shipping included.

1-2Q - $40.00 (See on Website)
2-1Q - $35.00 (See on Website)
2-3Q - $21.50 (See on Website)
4-3Q - $18.50 (See on Website)

BBQ Tongs - $21.00 Laser Engraved -Personalized
BBQ Spatula - $19.00 Laser Engraved - Personalized
Notebook (Q) - $11.00 Laser Engraved - Personalized